[HELP] PR4100: How to Use Power Schedule + Configure

Working to set up my PR4100,
I find the power schedule a bit confusing when trying to configure?
I don’t understand how to configure it so that I get the on and off times correct.
Will this kill the power completely off or on or will it put the PR4100 into sleep mode.
Note: sleep mode aka hibernate is ok with me as long as the fan is turned off at 11pm and then awake at 8am.

Thank You for the Support and Feed Back!

Thank You!
I finally understand how that works!
I will set it to start at 12 am midnight to 8 am in the morning.:grin:

Do you know if that will be a full shutdown or a sleep/hibernate mode?
I ask this because I want to know if the fan will be shut off in both modes or just full power off mode only and do I have that choice?

Hmmmm, I guess we will hope someone will post a definitive answer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Very interested here :grin:
and might I add, very grateful for all you’re doing for this community! :pray: