Help please

I just changed my computer
I had a computer with Windows 7 32 bit and now I have ANOTHER computer (sorry for the caps but i wanted to point out that it is a different computer) with Windows 7 64 bit.
The unit can be seen but it says (trying to translate the best I can " Any writable partition WD smartware found ".
Have I lost all my data ??
Also, the led on the unit ( My Book ) until yesterday night was the big one and “steady”.
I disconnected the USB cable and now I only have the little lower light flashing … And don’t know how to fix the problem.

How is possible that only because I changed the System ( from 32 to 64 bit ) I can’t access my data ?

Any chance to recover ?

And, please, HOW ??

Please somebody help me and if possible don’t be too technical :slight_smile:
Roberto, Milano, Italia

Wow … 12 readings and 0 answers …

Did you check if the drive appears on disk management?

Make sure the drive is not password protected

try a different power outlet

NO … It’s not pw protected … I will try a new cable …
it simply says " No Writable WD Smartware partition found "
I am trying to follow this …

Just disconnected the power …
All I remember is that I had the steady light in the middle of the unit.
Guess I disconnected the USB cable and since then, it died all of a sudden …
Tell me I DID NOT lose my data …

Roberto, Milano, Italy

Why did you marked as solved?

Any ways, you can remove the drive from the enclosure and connect to a computer via SATA to retrieve the data

Try that only if all other steps failed and you are sure the drive is dead