Help Please

I was moving files into folder on my Windows 7 PC and it atumoatically started copying which I do not want because of them being highlighted and windows now has this stupid feature that is you even slightly drag the highlighted folders it starts copying. I hit cancel and then the window closed at which point my drive is no longer more than a paper weight. When I plug it into my USB slot, the blue light comes on, and then I go into hard drive manager and it recognizes that drive; however, it states it has 0K of capacity. I renamed the letter to P and now it is Drive P: but that then did nothing, same problem. It all started when I had a bunch of files highlighted, they started copying, I hit cancel, and boom I get nothing but my blue light and a recognized USB mass storage device.

You most likely caused some corruption on the drive.  Go back into Disk Management and right-click on the drive partition, then click Delete partition.  Once the bar turns black, right click on it again and click create partition.  Follow the windows to reformat the drive, doing a quick format at the end.  You should be able to access it again, once the bar turns blue. 

NOW, if you have data on the drive that’s no longer on the pc, then you are in trouble and will have to find data recovery software that will restore any corrupted data.


For a variety of reasons people are having problems with corrupt data and getting locked out of their drive. Do you know any tech types that have tried to use some type of Linux app to recover data? I tested UBCD4WIN on a virtual PC and the WD external drives are accessable. I don’t know if this would pull data off a corrupt drive or not. I also wondered if it was possible to access a locked drive this way remove or copy data reformat and reinstall Smartware then move locked data back and access it.