Help Please: Why can I not save to my network drive directly from a program?

Hello Everyone.  

I can drag/drop files onto my external MyBook drive, but, when saving to the drive directly from a program (for example, opening a jpg from the MyBook, editing the photo and then doing a save)…the Save button is greyed out.  I can save my photo anywhere else, just not to the MyBook.

I’m running Windows XP, and this Saving issue is consistent across all software (Office, CS3).  I know this is related directly to the WD drive, because saving had been working fine for years on our previous drive.  The only change was the changeover to a new external drive.

Our old drive plugged directly into our PC through USB and we never had any issues…but this new MyBook is plugged into our wireless router with a CAT-5, no USB option.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, and, if so, how did you fix it?

Thanks in advance, all you geniuses!!

The problem is more likely in your router network settings. See if the maker of your router has a forum it may be more helpful. Also try posting in the network section here.


Hold on a sec.

Do you have the My Book LIVE NAS?   Or the My Book USB external?

If it’s the NAS, are you sure the shares are Read/Write, and you’ve logged into them correctly to get the correct rights?

Thank you both!!  I solved it from within Photoshop.  I can’t explain it here…but if someone finds they have the same issue, drop me a Reply here and I’ll try and walk them through what I did.  

i’ve got the same problem where i can’t save anything from within Photoshop.  please share your solution with me.



I too, am having this issue, could you please let me know what you’ve done to fix this?

Please post the steps. same problem.


we too are having this problem.  please bestow your solution upon us.

thank you so much in advance!