HELP PLEASE WD 250 gig (my passport)

so here’s what happened. i was using the passport to transfer some videos to my girlfriends mac and when the transfer was done she just yanked the cord out without ejecting. i was a little pissed at her but i didn’t really think it would cause an issue because the transfer was completed (no writing/reading taking place, as far as i could see). Semi-anxiously, i go to plug in the passport back into my macbook and surprise surprise it doesn’t show up on my desktop or finder. it does show up in disk utility as “WD 2500BEV External Hard Drive” (which is not the name i gave it initially and would always show up as) and i am permitted to see its info

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My suspicions lead me to believe that as unfortunate as it sounds, the hard drive (or the files on it) has become corrupted by my girlfriends yanking-without-ejecting. as weirdly sexual as that sounds, it seems to have nonetheless made my hard drive unresponsive to repair strategies.

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When i try to verify, nothing really happens. the blue and white candy cane shows up right above where it says “Total Capacity” for a split second and thats it. “permission to repair disk” and “repair disk” all greyed out.

at the moment, the passport is plugged in and is doing something because the light is flickering intermittently as if it is working on something. its probably stuck in some loop. when i put my ear up to it, it doesnt sound like there is much spinning or clicking, but there is a general machine sound as if it is running regularly.

these are my specs…any ideas on what can be done would be much appreciated. thnx

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When the drive is disconnected without being safely removed this causes data corruption, I recommend you to try a Data Recovery Software or one of the Data Recovery Partners

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any ideas on good data recovery software? are there any free programs that are worth using? thnx

I have tested Mini Tool Data Recoveryand File Scavenger Data Recoveryand both work fine, click on the names to download any of them.