Help please, transferring data from Mirror to PR4100

Hiya people. I’ll try to keep this brief.

I have a new PR4100 (Raid 5) and a full 4TB (2TB MyCloud RAID 1) Mirror. I want to transfer all the data from the Mirror to the PR4100 and I’m not sure what the most efficient method is to do this.

Both devices are on the same LAN Gigabit switch, all switches on the LAN are gigabit. My PCs are all wireless and are connected to the wireless router, which is where all the 10 Base T LAN wiring originates.


Please tell me I don’t have to use a PC with mapped drives to do the transfer!

On my good old IX2 NAS devices they had an inbuilt “Copy Jobs” function to achieve this without a PC but I can’t see an equivalent function in the dashboard for the WD devices - or if there is I’m not sure what it is.


Also, I want to enable the Plex media server on the PR4100. Should this be done before the transfer, or after?

Can you advise please? It’s a few years since I was doing LAN tech stuff and would really appreciate your guidance here.

Thanks very much from me here in England!


There’s a remote backup tool. Read the documentation for more info.
If you have issues, use these steps:

Enable NFS on the shares on the Mirror… e.g. lets assume the Documents share.
Check the NFS address, it should be /nfs/Documents
Enable SSH on the PR4100 and open a ssh session PR4100 (use putty or so).

Mount the mirror shares on the PR4100.

mkdir /mnt/mirror
mount -t nfs <mirroripaddr>:/nfs/Documents /mnt/mirror

Copy all data

rsync -a --progress /mnt/mirror /shares/Public/whatever

Pro-tip: add nohup so you don’t have to keep the SSH connection open for the whole thing.

nohup rsync -a --progress /mnt/mirror /shares/Public/whatever &

When done, unmount the Mirror from the PR4100

umount /mnt/mirror
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SSH into Mirror.
Check if rsync daemon is running

ps  w | grep rsync

Get the rsync password

cat /etc/rsyncd.secrets

Exit SSH and SSH into the PR4100
Show contents (note the double colon)

rsync root@<mirrorIP>::
rsync root@<mirrorIP>::Public

Copy data

rsync -a --progress root@<mirrorIP>::What/ever /shares/Where/ever

Thanks for the reply. The SSH commands are a bit daunting so instead I’ve done what you first suggested by simply setting up a remote backup as per the documentation, which is now happily running!

(By the way, if anyone from WD is reading this, the dashboard “Help” sections don’t render properly on an iPad Pro in landscape mode. The OK button ends up in the middle of the page.)

Nonetheless: Yay! Result.

Thanks again for the quick response,

Best wishes, Scott.

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