Help (please) required with setting up Windows 7

I have a WD My Book World (white light) with a single 1TB drive. 

I have just got a new computer with Windows 7 Home Premium. We already have several WinXP computers; on each of these each member of the family has a Windows account with their “my documents” mapped to their private folder on the NAS. 

In Windows 7 it seems that I can include multiple locations for Documents on a user account so, my idea was to include the private NAS folder as a new location and to make this the default location. I can find the NAS fine, and map the various folders but I cannot include them as “locations”. It says that they are not indexed but I can’t find out how to index them without “making them available offline”. I don’t want to do this as it appears that this will copy the contents to the c: drive (which would defeat the object of the NAS). 

Please can someone help.  Many thanks (in anticipation). Diane

I have the same issue have you resolved it yet?

No! However - I am living with it. I just have the folders on the NAS drives mapped as previously. All 4 of us, when we log on, see our own personal folder as our N: drive (as the mapping is done within each account). Then we just have to remember to save it to N: rather than “my documents”. As all of the sub-folders we expect to see are on N, so even the kids can cope with this.  It isn’t too bad when you get used to it!

My other problem was backing up the NAS (which we have always done to another external USB drive). I couldn’t get this to work within Windows7 as, again, it refuses to see the NAS at a possible location. I use the free product, Goodsync instead, and this is working very well. Hope this helps. Diane

Sure It’s not MS Office OneNote that is creating the havoc, not Win7? This over-complicated bit of bloatware in MS Office 2010 can be uninstalled in the MS Office set-up by deselecting it in the add/delete programmes. I could not see any value in having OneNote running on a simple network of one PC / Laptop which can both be synchronised together and backed up to a common NAS. OneNote just adds yet another set of  “locations”  for documents to be stored which are unnecessary in a simple set-up.