HELP PLEASE .. MBWEII is not working after auto-updating to latest firmware

i just autoupdated my “My Book World Edition II white light” two days ago and since then i can’t acces it through network or with the ip from browser!! … when i turn it on and after it finishes loading … it keeps fast flashing the full white  bar every 1 or half second… what can i do to fix it … please help me … i have very important data on it and i jus can’t afford buying another one.

Yeah, we all know about it. WD knows about it too. They’re supposedly working on it, but to date have not said much. In my opinion, they don’t have much intelligence in the programming department to figure out what the problem is. They blame “certain networks”, but “certain networks” were working fine prior to the firmware update. Read into their statement…THEY ARE CLUELESS!!!

So, everyone is sitting with worthless drives waiting for WD to figure out what to do. In my opinion, WD has morons in the programming department and have no clue.