Help Please - laptop/no ethernet port - fastest transfer method?

Hi all…I am desperate for a faster method to transfer my gigabytes of video to my 2TB mycloud…ive also got a 3TB MyBook…but I dont really use that much. I backed up my MyCloud with myBook…

but i digress…is there a way to take these microSD cards, using the rear USB slot in the back of the Mycloud to transfer faster than the wifi I’ve got…or how else would you suggest i transfer these files to mycloud/?


There are adapters for SD Micro to usb.


thanks. got one. attached usb card reader to back of MyCloud…cant see the card/reader on the UI via ip address/cloud interface

so you cannot transfer files via the usb in the back of the wdmycloud? its just a slot for expandable space?

Do you know how to use SSH? If so ssh into the My Cloud and do a “df” command. This will tell you if the USB device was mounted. Have you shutdown any processes or is the My Cloud running as released? You can also do a “tail -50 /var/log/wdnas.log” This will show any messages logged about the mounting of the USB device.


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I just tried to mount a micro SD to the My Cloud. It didn’t mount. No entries in the wdnas.log file. But I was able to mount it from ssh. Then I checked and the wdAutoMount process was not running. So I started the process and it mounted the Micro SD. Also had entries in the wdnas.log showing the mounting.


PS If you try to mount the device from ssh the command is "mount /dev/sdb1 "

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wow! alright…thank you for taking such an interest and making an effort rac! im no linux wiz…i hardly can type command prompts…how will i be able to see “folders” and whatnot using ssh in order to move files around, ala file explorer in windows…

what do you suggest…and thank you again! wow.