Help Please! Internet Connections

I’m not a techie, just know enough to be dangerous (mostly to my own equipment).

I am trying to connect my Blue ray to the internet using the following set up:  DSL --> Router (port#1)–>Powerline1 --> Powerline2 --> Blue Ray.  It’s not working.  The blue ray is detecting the network and dynamic IP addresses, but can’t get an internet connection.

I also have my computer connected to the same router as the powerline (port#2).  When I connect my computer to the internet I provide a password to my ISP.

I installed the Livewire utility but it makes no sense to me.  It does detect 1 powerline device, shown as device2.

Do I need to use my ISP connection password through powerline or the blue ray?  Is that done through the utility?

Please help.

Hi there, the utility can be completely ignored.

If your BRP allows you to set a static IP address then it would be the way to go as you would set the DNS servers for internet.