Help please, in accessing my WD my cloud outside of my network

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me here. I am heading off to uni soon and unfortunately I can’t take my cloud hard drive with me so its going to have to stay connected at home. I do need to still access it though in the same way I do when I am at home, as I also use it for time machine back ups and the app or web access won’t allow this. I’ve tired searching and looking around but lots of people come up with different solutions and none seemed to have worked for me, probably because I’m not doing it correctly.

If someone could help me get this working and set up that would be great.


First, read the My Cloud User Manual ( if you haven’t done so already, it explains how to use the various features of the My Cloud including how to set up and use Remote Access. Also see the My Cloud Dashboard Help for more information on Remote Access. See the My Cloud Learning Center ( and for additional information about Remote Access.

There are several official methods for Remote Access. The main methods are using the WD programs (WD Desktop and WD Sync), the WD mobile apps for iOS and Android, the web portal, and the insecure FTP method.

It all starts by enabling Remote Access from the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings, then configuring one or more Users for remote access in the My Cloud Dashboard > Users section.

There are a few unofficial methods for remote access including SFTP and CloudDAVMod.

I had a read of the Manuel but nothing really full explains what Im after.

I am aware of the ftp and other methods just don’t know how to set them up so if someone could point me in the right direction please.

Chapter 8, Accessing Your My Cloud Device Remotely, in the User Manual details in general terms how one can access the My Cloud remotely. The My Cloud Learning Center links have a How To section that give general information on how to access the My Cloud remotely.

Currently there is no official method of remote backup other than using the WD Sync to sync files either locally or remotely. Or to use the very insecure FTP method to backup to the My Cloud using third party backup/sync/clone software. Time Machine will only backup locally.

In most cases remote access will require you to configure the My Cloud for remote access on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings page. Then enabling remote access per user on the Cloud Access page on the My Cloud Dashboard. then one would either use the web portal to access the My Cloud remotely or install one of the various WD software or mobile apps on one’s computer or mobile device. Again see the links provided earlier in the thread for links to the Learning Center where there is more information on Remote Access and links to the software/mobile apps.

If remote access isn’t what your after then perhaps explaining what your after in a different way will help to clarify what you would like to do with the My Cloud.