HELP PLEASE: G-Drive T3 10tb vs G-Raid T3 12t) AND T3 vs USB

JusT got a NEW 2016/2017 MacBook Pro 15 w tbar, 1tb ssd, thunderbolt3, etc (almost maxed out). I have installed FCPx. I am new to Mac (& FCPX). My PLAN is to keep the MacBook clean by utilizing an external drive. I want a nice external drive or array to be my “do-it-all” drive. I will keep everything on the external drive except programs/apps. Programs like FCPx will be on the internal ssd drive. All my files, pics, videos etc will be on the external drive. As stated, I am new to Mac and FCPx but my PLAN is to go into FCPx settings & set it up to “leave files in place” so that when I’m editing all the vids and files stay on the external drive. I assume FCPx can work this way and simply reference the videos on the external drive. Please correct me if this is a bad plan. …QUESTIONS: WHAT EXTERNAL DRIVE SOLUTION DO I NEED TO BUY? Is G-DRIVE THUNDERBOLT 3 10TB good for this? Would I see better performance if I went with G-RAID THUNDERBOLT 3 12TB? If I did get the G-RAID version, is it already set up as RAID 0? Would raid-0 be better performance? Do I even need Thunderbolt3 or is USB just as good? In real world, is there a difference? …ALSO: I am thinking of getting a $200 wd desktop easy store 8tb drive (Best Buy) to use to BACK-UP to…Is this a good strategy for backing up? .SUGGESTIONS PLEASE & THANKS!

The G-DRIVE TB 3 should be very capable. The G-RAID TB3 will be better performance, it is RAID0 out of the box. There is no protection in RAID0.

USB3 is going to get you the same performance at least when dealing with a single drive and even a smaller capacity G-RAID. You will see more performance the higher the capacity RAID drive.

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So,…is G-raid be “better/faster” than G-drive for editing using fcpx (fcpx installed on internal ssd) on my MacBook Pro w thunderbolt3, …or… would there be no noticeable difference between g-drive & g-raid?

Is it worth it to go w T3 vs USB? Would I be just as well off to go with a different connection? If so, which one! USB c, gen1 or gen 2, T2,…or …?

Summary:,Where would under $1000 be most well spent on an external storage solution that will be used with fcpx (leaving video files on external drive when editing)?.. I also want a way to back up to another drive of some type as well.

Idea: I keep thinking I should of buy a 10Tb g-drive or 12 or 16Tb g-raid, then buy bestbuy $200 external 5200 rpm drive for back ups.

Opinion / suggestions? …I’m open to suggestions.