Help please, deleted user, need files

Can someone help please, i deleted the wrong user by mistake and can not now get the files, it seems that they are there  somewhere because it’s reporting the 5 gig that was in being used.

If the share is still there, then just re-add the user, and set the permissions back the way they were.

I tried re adding the user but it did’nt put the files back, i know they are there because they were 5 gig’s worth and the capacity did’nt go down,.

You deleted the USER – or you deleted the SHARE?   

If you delete the user, shares (and the files within) don’t get deleted – only the account.  The files remain in the share in which they were stored.  

I just verified this myself – I created a user with a private share, added files to the share, then deleted the user.  The share is still there, and so are all the files.