Help Please - Connection issues

Hi all 

I am hoping someone can help me soon.

I have just purchased the My Book Live 1TB and it is connected to Netgear Dgnd3300 modem router.

I am running W7, and have followed the instructions to the letter time and time again.

I can find MBL via Start, computer, network, storage. Thats it

For a split second it was showing as drive Z, but then this had a red cross against it, the dissapeared, and I have not been able to get it back.

Basically I need to list it as another drive so I can drag and drop files over to it.

I have tried to map the drive, but no luck.

I would be gratefull of any help with this please (I only have a few hairs left to pull before it goes in the bin!!)

Many thanks all

Verify that your W7 computer has all latest updates from Microsoft.  You may also reset the MBL by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  

To map the drive back you may use WD Link.  If you still have issues try from a different computer, in order to compare results.

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If you have all the w7 updates, that may also be a problem, especially if you had the Defender’s and/or Security Essentials definitions up to date.

I just spent hours & doing a full scan for virus, bots, trojans, etc last night; the problem was I was no longer able to access my mail or even some websites’ links in the sites’ navigation; e.g. hotmail & google mail wouldn’t even display their home pages.

This morning did a quick scan & no problems but then thought had problems with my reinstall of w7 regarding access  to existing partitions on the drives because of “ownership” problems.  I went thru the drives & changed ownership fo me even tho I was the one who created the partitions in the 1st place in the other “fresh” install of w7.

Decided to go thru the who business of the ownership AND security & changed the security access to me with full control for each partition, except the C:.  Back in business now & think that the last Defender definition that got installed yesterday was the culprit as it tightened the screws more on security.

“Should have known” when w7 msg said MBL could not find MBL to connect on bootup; my mapping now use the MBL ip as “mybooklive” couldn’t be found, except when using a browser!!??!!

I must say tho, that I had relocated my “temp” directory from the normal C: drive to a different partition on the 2nd drive.  That probably accounted for my security issues.

Many thanks for that info. I will give it a go and see if all helps W7 is fully up to date, was wondering if it had anything to do with the router settings or not?

Many thanks peeps

WD Link did the trick.

Not just gotta figure out itunes, but thats another story :slight_smile:

Many thanks once again