HELP PLEASE 80gb passport not recognized tried everything

tried new cable

tried diff ports

diff pcs

tried mini tool recovery

card data wd recovery

won;t work because the harddrive is not being recognized on the computer

if you have no solution can any one recoomend a data recovery company thats not going to ruin any chance of getting my files back?? THANKS

ONTRACK Data recovery service. Is one of the WD recommended options.

Would definitely NOT recommend ontrack!
Can anyone recommend a data recovery company they ve used not one recommended by wd?
Certainly would not want to do anything wd recommend after this piece of junk they ve sold me…

Does Ontrack belongs to WD? Are they run by the same CEO? One thing does not affect the other. However, is your drive and your data dude. I just make one simple recommendation and they have done a good job for me in the past.

I’m assuming you have the old siver passport.  which would be out of warranty by now, anyway.  I have one, also.  I would pull the drive and see if you can get it to read with another portable case. 

No it is black but it’s old and out of warranty now. I’m finding it very hard to find a reputable data recovery company. The prices are similar but I’m hearing horror stories of people sending off hard drives handing over hundreds of pounds and not seeing their hard drives or data again. This even included a company local to me! I gave it to a local computer repair service and they say my best bet is opening it in a clean lab to recover the data. Can you re ommend a company? Have you used one at all??

Ontrack had a really pushy sales team and they gave me an initial quote but then added on this that and the other which then doubled the original price. They didn’t give any details how to pack or send which must be important? Then they said don’t worry we give you a list of the files we can recover and then you have 10 days to pay before we delete them all!

yikes, that’s bad.  wd has a large list of data recovery companies it promotes.  you could go with one of those.  a large company that competes with ontrack is drive savers.  you could try them. 

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