Help! PC lost access MBWE

I have the My Book World Edition 1T connected to the network router and I am using Vista.  I can also access the My Book files on my PS3 over the network.  Out of now where today I can no longer access the shared folders on the My Book from my PC.  At first I got a message saying the drive was disconnected or inaccessible.  Then the message changed and said I may not have permissions to access.  The message is now telling me that I have insufficient system resources to complete the requested service.  I have shut everything down and restarted - the router, the My Book, and the computer.  I have unplugged and replugged in everything and still my PC can not access anything on the My Book.  I would think the My Book is no longer functioning but throughout all of this my PS3 has been able to access and view everything on it.  Also when I look at the mapped drive for the shared files on the My Book I can see how much space is used and how much is available but when I try to explore the contents that’s when I get the error messages.  That leads me to believe my computer can see the My Book but can’t access the files.  I have been trying to troubleshoot this all day and can’t seem to get it figure out.  I’m beyond frustrated so I hope someone can help me!  Please!

Hi there, can you access your OTHER computers from this computer? Because if you can’t then the computer itself is having network problems and you should check the firewall configuration and workgroup (Just to start).