Help! Passport ultra no longer showing up on laptop

Hi everyone,
been using my passport ultra for a few years (never created a backup - very dumb)
The drive no longer shows up on my windows laptop.
I can both hear and feel the drive running, light is on and recently a mild hum
I’ve tried other laptops, I’ve tried other cables
I’m fearing the worst. called a data recovery place (not through WD options) , they quoted a standard $895-$2595 possible cost to evaluate/recover the data.
What can I do? has anyone successfully recovered their data from a possible “cooked” drive without spending $000’s?

Well, there can be various reasons for a drive to become unresponsive. Reconnecting the drive won’t help in most of the cases. The drive remains visible and may be detected by the system if you connect it to another PC, but it doesn’t respond.

Below are few possible reasons for a drive being unresponsive:

A Lot of bad sectors

Infected File (Virus or Malware)

Driver issue

Mechanical failure

However, in your case it feels like your drive is consist of bad sectors. Before going to hand over your drive to any data recovery service provider, I suggest you to check out the below blog to know the possible solutions for the issue:

Hope this will help and save you lots of money!

I’m having exactly the same problem. One day it was fine - the next, not showing up.

The passport lights up.

The cable is fine - I checked using another one and the passport lights up but the laptop does not detect it.

Tried on another laptop - same problem.

Can anyone help?

I think mine might be a driver issue.

How can I fix that?

Try updating the drives driver or else re-install the driver. Hopefully that will solve your issue.