Help! One of the volumes empty!


I have two volumes on my WD hard drive ‘Back up’ and ‘Archive’. The ‘back up’ is used to routinely back up everything from my Mac (OS X 10.5.8) and on the ‘Archive’ I store old files. 

I have just plugged the hard drive into my Mac the only volume showing on my finder window is ‘Back up’.

The last time I used the drive it wouldn’t eject because it said it was in use even though I had shut down all the programmes on the computer.  In the end I manually ejected (pulled the usb out).  Today I plugged it in while I was reading, and didn’t look at it while it was booting up. I think I pulled the cable out by mistake because I had to plug it back in but I didn’t get a warning message so I assumed it was ok until I saw the missing volume.

The hard drive is always kept in a protctive case and is rarely taking out and about in my bag etc. I have tried ejecting it properly and plugging back in but no use.  The software shows no data at all in that volume, although when it is assessing the files it appears to still show them until it finishes and then shows it as empty. The archive has some very important stuff in there and I would dearly like to retrieve the information if possible.

If you could help I would be eternally greatful!!



At least you can access the volume. You can try to use a data recovery software, such as Disk Doctors.

You might have a file system corruption, this software and several others, can scan your drive and try to repair the corruption, if possible.

You can use a software to retrieve that data. Unplugging the drive in the manner will cause data corruption.

Try using  Mini Tool Data Recovery