Help on syncing WD My Cloud with Mac

Hi, had My Cloud a couple of months, working fine with MBP.  Use it to dump folders and back up via Timemachine.

I now want to sync some folders, mainly my Photos and documents.  I just want to mirror them so that i can view or take them off MyCloud by another device (mainly view pics on iPhone/iPad/Media etc).

I have installed free software FileSync which seemed simple enough and i synced photo folders across.  But everytime i now resync it takes forever and seems to delete thousands of .DS_Store/.wdmc files each time and usually errors with a ‘cannot find a folder’ error but doesnt tell me which.  Boxes pop up telling me the number of deletions its making, sometimes hundreds or thousands which is worrying but in the sync box its usually these .wdmc files.

Is there a easier solution or am i doing something wrong? Ideally i would just like to click a ‘sync’ button and have any adjustments made on my mac be mirrored on my chosen folders on my WDCloud.

Thanks in advance :) 


Hello, if you can copy your files manually to the My Cloud, then the problem would appear to be with FileSync. I recommend you to check the FileSync for more information on this, maybe also some of the other community users can share some advice.