HELP, old MyBook and Windows7

I have a older model with green light (WD25001032) that i have used for years on my WinXP machine.  I recently upgraded to a new PC and it has Win7.  Win7 does not recgonize the drive.  I can’t seem to locate any drivers to download for it.  The cloest model number i can find is wd2500c032, and it only has win98 drivers.


Some good news, this link suggests that your drive should still be supported by 32 or 64 windows 7…

Have you tried clicking start, right clicking computer and then selecting manage?

Then under Storage, have a look at Disk Management and see if it’s there. If you can see it one of the more techie people here should be able to help after that.


Sorry but that unit is not compatible with windows 7 

take a look at the specifications,209,211


Please read clearly before you post to not cause confusion the link you posted clearly states that the DATA LIFE GUARD is what is compatible with windows 7. Not the my book.

Thanks for the help.

Not sure if i should be disgusted with microsoft or WD.  i can’t believe a simple USB drive can’t be detected by win7. 

There is still hope its just the enclosure that is not compatible with Win 7 if you are out of warranty and dont care for replacement. You can just open the enclosure and put the hard drive into another external enclosure.

make sure it doesnt have any special features. Thats what causes problems.