Help! Not working Hard drive

Hi, i have a WD 1tb 10EADS external hard drive, and i couldnt find my old harddrive for my computer so i thought i would use the external harddrive as a main hard drive on my computer, to do this i used the cmd prompt at the windows installation and used diskpart and “clean all” command. after this i want to reconect my harddrive to the usb and make it work on my other computer as a normal external haddrive, but now it wont show up anywere!

ive tried finding it on disk utility, devicemanager and the normal browser but it is nowere, ive also tried the diagnostic tools for WD elements hard drives but nothing at all. the disk also failed when i used the “clear all” command so i think it must have cleared some of the data and made it uobtainable for the computer or something.

anyone that knows how i can make my hard drive work again?

thanks for all the help!

Edit: the harddrive appears on the list or harddrive when i start the windows installation but it cant make a “new” out of it, i just get an error. so i cant format it through that option either

This unit is not meant to be removed from the enclosure.

The warranty gets voided and the drive might not work if you reconnect back.