HELP - not enuf space new 1TB Passport ultra with Mac El Capitan

PLEASE help…welcome feedback!!! I purchased 1 TB WD passport ultra to help with file recovery as i lost important business files and photos. Several times now i’ve tried to save my retrieved documents on the external HD and it keeps telling me that there is no space remaining. When i check, there is still copious amounts of space available.

I’m given two options “continue” or “yes”(for discontinuing and try and reduce files to save)

Almost ready to cut my losses and throw out computer and external HD as from the beginning of installation not finding this user friendly or straight forward…i’m was promised by the clerk this would be “easy” anyone can do it…even on a Mac, however, the $127 i spent could have paid for a tech to do this as i’ve now spent overnight and a day trying to make work determining not easy for moderate knowledge base.

Hi there,

Is it possible to give more details on this issue so we can better assist you, like the operating system that you are using, also the types of files you are trying to copy.

I talked to someone from your call centre and they walked through different steps with me and told me the unit wasn’t compatible with me mac and to return it to the store I bought from. So I did. thank you.