Help! No Power to My Book Essentials


I have a wdbacw0030hbk 01, a few years old and out of warranty. Its not getting any power (confirmed by multimeter). I cannot afford to pay 800-1000 dollars to try and get the data off of it. Is there anything that I can do to get my files back?


Hello lezuzu,

You may try using third party data recovery options to recover the important data from the drive. Refer below link to know more about this.




Have you tried a replacement power supply? I’ve had a couple of supplies die on my external drives, and have replaced them with spares from Amazon or ebay.

If you search on your drive part number on Amazon, it’ll come up with replacement supplies.

The alternate approach would be to remove the drive from the enclosure and use a USB adapter to see if you can access the drive. This has worked for me several times when an enclosure or PS died.