Help no files will work suddenly

Please help! I’ve had my live hub for over a year. I was watching a movie file off of my live hub, an .avi file like usual, and it was fine. When i clicked the next episode i has on there, the audio didnt play, it played for about 20 seconds and gave me the “file not supported” message. Then i tried clicking other files, any of my other ones, and none of them worked. None. I updated my live hub to the new firmware 3.00.28. It gave me some wierd option and i chose my media library. First of all i didnt know what was up witht that. I tried playing the file again and it did the same exact thing. I deleted the file and tried putting it on my flash drive and on the live hub, and again it still did the same thing. The odd thing though was it only found the file with the flash drive plugged in. Im at a total loss.

The wierd thing is, im at a college so the internet here maybe is a little different. I could never find my live hub through the network here and now suddenly i can. However my issue is that none of my files will play anymore. Please help!

I’d also like to add that the files work fine on my laptop.

It sounds weird but, did you did a factory reset after updating the firmware?

How would I do a factory reset? Wouldnt that have erased all of my videos? The thing is, the videos suddenly stopped working out of nowhere and THEN i proceeded to do an update. This all started when one of my videos had an issue.

Thank you for responding by the way

Also, my network will no longer show up on my laptop, the diagnosis says its the media player not responing, yet everything seems fine on the live hub

Wait, could be a fluke but the files work and now my network wont. everythign will work fine in the networ on the live hub but wont show up on my computer