HELP! “No Devices Available - Please notify the device owener

Hi every one ,

I got this message when i try to login from web : No Devices Available Please notify the device owener or admin , I am the admin and i seen other topic speak about enable PUnP in my router it’s already opened but still nothing .

this is from my cloud :
Connection Status : Connected (Relay connection established)

For best performance, enable UPnP on your router to establish a direct connection.

  • can someone help me to fix that ?

@elshesheiny In the Dashboard what do you have under Settings>General>Cloud Access and have you configured your device. See example image below.


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In Linksys router already opened


@elshesheiny In Cloud Access>Remote Access where it says, Configure, how do you have that set?

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It’s same as your photo i make it Auto

I solved the same problem!!!
I changed my user email, and changed again into the original.
It Works!!!
I’m sure the problem comes when I created a new user that never worked, I thing I made something wrong and the system “get anoyed” with me…haha.
Now we are friend again!!
Thank you for your help. We can give this issue as a resolved.