Help - Newbie


I’ve just bought a My Book for Mac 1TB, I’ve installed it downloaded the latest software for it.

The home screen shows my computer with total GB & GB free, but all of the individual boxes ie Pictures, Music show 0 bytes & My Book empty!

I dare say the answer is an obvious MY COMPUTER IS NOT COMPATIBLE but if some one can confirm this it would save me trawling through lots of bumf. (-:

  Model Name:iMac G5

  Model Identifier:PowerMac8,1

  Processor Name:PowerPC G5  (3.0)

  Processor Speed:1.8 GHz

Is it possible that I should not have upgraded the software? (wishful thinking)

What version of OSX is your Mac running? The software is more reactive to the version of OSX than to the computer itself, on either case since you have a G5 then the drive should be formatted as Apple Partition Map instead of GUID Partition Table on disk utility… (Yes, it’s a MB “For Mac”, but it could be factory GUID).

Thanks for your help, but I’ve installed it onto my laptop instead.