Help new user... is there any firewall settings - intermitten connection to shared folders

Hi all,

I have just hooked up my new SMP and updated the firmware.  Are there any firewall settings I should be aware of (I’m using Norton Smart Firewall on my desktop which is shared to the WDTV).  I noticed that I have full internet connection on my WDTV and I can read my shared network folders (although sometimes I seem to loose the shared network folders - intermittently) but when I click on the file, I get the information, but when I play it, I get the spinning arrows.  I can see the thumbnails to my photos, but when I click them I get the spinning arrows again too.  When I restart the WDTV and go back in, after a few more tries, everything seems to work perfectly again (especially after I disable the firewall - although I’m not sure if that’s the culprit or its just co-incidence).  I have noticed also that sometimes when I’m watching a MKV file, I pause it, and it keeps playing, but I get the spinning arrow super-imposed over the playing video.  I also noticed once when I try to stop playing the video, it keeps playing in the background with the spinning arrow - I can navigate back to the home screen, but I still get the playing audio, I have to turn off the WDTV to get it to stop playing.  It just seems flaky and unstable and I don’t really know enough to begin trouble shooting.

Any help would be apppreciated.


Oh, I ran the network setup and everything checks out ok from what the WDTV shows me.