Help Needed


So I have a My Passport 1TB. And it has been working great without problems for the past few months… or since I bought it.

As usual, it is plugged in to my PC and it was working fine till this morning. I have no idea why or how but it stopped being detected on my desktop (Windows 7) and laptop. 

It makes a ‘whirring’ sound (not sure what sound is that but it is not a ticking sound that’s for sure) for a few times then stops. The power slight is still on but it just won’t get detected.

I have important files in it. And I do not wish to reformat it.

Is there anyway to fix this?

At least give me enough time to backup or transfer my files before reformating the drive.

Thank you.

It can be a power problem, have you tried a “Y” shaped USB booster cable?


First check if the hard drive is getting detected in device manager under disk drives

right click computer>manage>device manager >on the right pane check under disk drives> if yes check under disk mangament which is on the left pane.

if not detected under disk drives get the power booster cable.

if detected under disk drives and not under disk management still get the power booster cable.

if detected under disk drives and under disk management, try changing the drive letter or i guess u have to get a clonning software to recover your data.