Help needed

I have a My Book lIve Hard drive - Model Number is AP1NC. I had recently formatted my laptop and then tried installing My Book but the message says “'MyBook Live network storage driver not found” .
I would like to know which WD Driver Setup X64 or X6 needs to be used to reinstall.
If I am missing something please let me know.
I tried contacting WD but no response as usual. If someone could guide me step by step which file should I install first I would be grateful.
I have a Windows 7 Professional system (64 bit).



You don’t need a driver to install; PC handles that. So . . . .

Turn off both the PC and the drive. (unplug drive from PC) wait 30 seconds and restart PC. Once it is completely rebooted and operational, turn on the My Book ( plug it back in to power it and wait a minute) and when ready, plug the USB cord back into the PC. Hopefully, rebooting will have helped. If you have same problem, you will need to wait until after the holidays to talk to someone at WD, and that would be Tuesday.