Help needed: XML Files for Settings Menue


where is the xml File for the Settings Menue, and can i delete this File for the default (mochi) view?

Thanks a lot


Just to be clear, are you talking about the setting menus under Setup or some other settings. 

There are mulitple xmls for the setup menus, to change them you would need to know them all.

Yes, the settings menu under the Setup.



I had the file somewhere but just can’t seem to find it after 2 hours searching my pc, arrrghh!!!

I’m looking at modding the code too as well as the Options menu [if possible].

I do remember our now allusive friend ‘HelBund’ changed this code in Hubcorn Beta 2.0 but i still couldn’t seem to locate the relevant .xml file within the theme?

Hoping some one can shed some light.

Thanks in advance.

Well, I don’t have a list of them off hand, but if I get some time I will try to get one up.  As I said there are quiet few of them.

Until then, if you have downloaded Mojo, you can look at the xml files in it since I modified most of the Setup files in it and it would be easier to get them from my theme then trying to do so with the Legacy or Mochi (osd) themes.

If you look in Mojo, the Setup xmls are near the bottom and have “setup” in their name.  Also, most of them are right together so it shouldn’t be to hard to find them.  Also, if I remember correclty, there are some that don’t have “setup” in there name, but as I said it will make it easier on you to look in Mojo’s theme folder for them, and most of the one’s that are after the “rv” xml’s are setup xmls.