Help needed with Time Capsule, WD Mybooklive and Samsung Smart TV

Hi folks, I’m new here and could do with a bit of help if you don’t mind?

I’ve just bought a Time Capsule to simplify my backups via Time Machine but now having problems with my wireless network - to be specific… I can no longer ‘see’ my WD Mybook Live via my Samsung Smart TV.

Before putting the Time Capsule in place, my set-up looked like this;

  • VDSL Modem (for FTTC connection- connected via Ethernet cable to - 
  • Technicolor TG582n Router -connected to 
  • Apple Mac Mini - 
  • Western Digital Mybook Live - connected to the TG582n router via Ethernet cable
  • Samsung Smart TV - connected to the internet wirelessly 

With this set-up, I could stream media to the Samsung TV without issue by selecting the WD MBL as a source. 

New Set-up looks like this;

  • VDSL Modem for FTTC connection - connected via Ethernet cable to -
  • Apple Time Capsule 
  • Apple Mac Mini - connected to the Apple Time Capsule via Ethernet Cable
  • WD Mybook Live - connected to Apple Time Capsule via Ethernet cable
  • Samsung Smart TV connected to the internet wirelessly

So… since putting the Time Capsule in… when selecting ‘source’ on the TV, it’s not showing the WD MBL anymore and I don’t know why.

I can see the WD MBL connected to the TC when looking on the Mac Mini, and can access it’s files.

Can anyone offer any thoughts as to why that might be? The benefit for me is that I don’t need the Mac Mini on in order to steam media, and I’m aware one solution would be to use something like Plex, but it defeats the object of having a Smart TV and a WD MBL.

Your advice/ thoughts are appreciated.


Do you have your TV configured to a static IP? If you are using a different IP range it wont be able to see other devices.

It’s possible your network is fragmented. I’d follow Hamlet and check the IP configuration alongside subnets and workgroup.