Help needed with faulty Scorpio Blue drive and no response!

Good morning everyone. I have raised 2 cases for support on a faulty drive SATA Scorpio Blue but I do not seem to be able to get any response from WD. The cases are logged on the system but no answers!! One case is a week old the other just raised.

How long does it take to get a reply from WD? I believe the drive is faulty,

I check warranty status but nothing comes up!!

Is it a problem that I am at a friends house in Turkey for a week and sent the message from Turkey when I live in the UK?

Any help would be appreciated



Hi is it the original drive that came with the laptop or did you buy it and replace the one in the laptop. If it came with the laptop it is under one year warranty from the laptop manufacture. Why do you believe the drive is faulty what tests did you run on the drive if you did not run any tests get the WD data lifeguard diagnostic program and run it  post the results here.