Help needed with compression

Just recently bought a element play 1TB

When i was looking into it i saw you could store upto 800ish films, great i thought, having copied around 170 i got a message saying memory full…

I haven’t been compressing them at all, using DVDFab straight onto the hard drive and with full disc as well.

So i am now looking for advice as to what to do from here, what programme is best to compress them and am I able to do this with the films already saved on the hard drive or will i need to start over again?

This is my first attempt at doing anything like this so any help would be greatly appricated and if it could be in terms as simple as possible this would really aid me!


Well my advice is to use Handbrake. I’ve ripped over 500 films and countless TV shows with it and had no problems whatsoever. And it’s free.

Thanks for the response on this

With the 170 odd i have already ripped onto the hard drive do i need to start over again or should i be able to use handbrake as they are and just drag them in?

Am a real beginner with all of this