Help needed - wd live hub freezes /does not respond to control

I have had the wd live hub for just over a year. All fine sofar until I installed the latest software. Since then the hub does not respond to remote control. It freezes and when it finally does respond it starts rolling over all the options and screens so fast that I cannot get to the point where I want it to be. I have tried to reset to factory setting which did not make a difference and also tried to roll-back software from USB but it cannot get to a point where I can go to new firmware detected. 

It has become virtually inaccessible.  Is it knackered ? 

Can I connect it to a pc to access it from the PC ?


How did you rest it?  Did you use the rest from the setup menu or did you push the rest the button on the bottom of the HUB?

If you did the first, try resting it from the button on the bottom of the HUB.

Also, what excatly do you mean that you can’t get to a point where you can get new firmware  detected when trying to rollback?  Do you mean that you can’t get to the “Detect New Firmware” from the Setup menu or that it doesn’t appear on the main menu?

And no,  you can’t connect it directly to a PC.

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Thanks for tips. I did reset on : restore to factory setting - by coincedence I manged to “land” in the correct place. The whole screen was rolling so fast that it took me over an hour to get to that point. I had to keep switching it on and off.

It did not work. I did a hard reset from the button (with a pin) That did not work.

I took the the hub to a different room and bingo! it worked in a different environment. Decided it had to do with interferrance. Once I took it back to the original set-up it appeared fine but still not responding well.

I changed HDMI cables (also on a tv hard-drive recorder which started to experience similar problems) and bingo! 

It might be all a big coincedence but realy think the HDMI cables (top quality) were the culprits. The cheaper - so called lower quality - seemed to work the trick. :):smileyvery-happy:

Now this is working ok again, I will try the MOJO & Darklight.:smiley:

Thanks Tinwarble