[Help Needed]: Power Adapter for MY BOOK WORLD EDITION II (BLUE RINGS)

Hi Guys… I’m hoping the WD community can really help me out here.

I have MY BOOK WORLD EDITION II (BLUE RINGS) (Model: WD10000D033) - 1TB. When i was shifting house somehow I miss placed the power adapter for this NAS Drive.

After sometime, I found an compatible adapter that worked along with this NAS Drive. But not sure what happen that power adapter also stopped working. I’m not sure if it somehow has impacted the NAS Drive.

For the past few weeks I have been trying to find a suitable / compatible power adapter but no success I would say. Even the power adapter that I got the head was not compatible (12V 6A 72W Transformer AC Adapter Power Supply). Adding on even the power requirements for this NAS Drive is not stated at the back of the NAS Drive sadly.

As I’m in Malaysia, I’m not sure where else to go to in order to get this power adapter. I don’t mind buying the power adapter from online as long it can be shipped to Malaysia.

Any pointers in getting this power adapter is very much appreciated. Looking forward for your support and guidance on this issue. Thank you again

Well firstly … the power requirements for a My Book World Edition is 12 Volts / 3.0 Amps / 36 Watts


Your 12 Volts / 6.Amps / 72 Watts power adapter is a bit overkill.

The “head” or connector size for a WD drive should be 5.5 x 2.5 mm

(WD documents say 5.5 x 2.1 mm but that’s wrong … one users experience)

Thank you so much for your kind reply JoeySmyth. If I may ask. Any idea where I can get the power adapter based on the power requirement you have stated? Can I buy it online and get it shipped to Malaysia? Please advise. Thanking you in advance.

I’m sorry, i don’t know. :frowning:

Ebay is usually the 1st place i look for buying stuff.

Just joined and am hoping that this thread is this year!

I just purchased a power adapter on eBay from “Stars Computer”. They are stateside (USA) so am not sure about shipping. It works fine for my WD MyBookWorld II.