Help needed - my macbook pro - iTunes - wd cloud mirror not talking to each other

I have had the above WD device for a few years. All of a sudden iTunes will not see the location of my music. If i go to the WD device directly, I can see all my music, but on iTunes I can only see 93 albums, even though the location is correct. I have tried many things but it still will not see all of my music.

In the top left hand corner of iTunes, on the ‘home’ icon, the drop down shows ‘on this computer’ and ‘on the wd device’. I have never been able to get this working. If I select ‘on the wd device’ i have one album

Please can anyone help? In simple terms as well please as i only use my mac for iTunes as use a PC normally (although i prefer the mac!)


Are you using the drive with a static ip or DHCP? If is a DHCP, please try resetting the drive and then setting the unit with a static connection for a more steady connection. once you do that, try adding the location again to iTunes.