Help needed - My Book Essential 1TB USB 3.0 + 2.0 - PS3

Hi, I just bought a My Book Essential 1TB External Hard Drive that supports USB 3.0 + 2.0 to use it with my PS3.

After I formatted it to FAT32 I tried to connect it to my PS3 and it just doesn’t work!

I tried it a dozen times and formatted it at least 6 times, nothing works, my PS3 just doesn’t recognize the thing.

Is there anything to do with it? Any way to make it work?

Thanks in advance.

Is this the newest software version for the PS3? I think there is a problem there.


It’s the latest, 3.55.

Maybe this post will explain it


After trying many trials, following worked for me for WD My Passport Essential 1TB USB 3.0.

Used Partition Magic to delete all partition and created a new partition FAT32 as ‘Logical’ drive - should not be ‘primary’ drive - size 196GB by default make it slightly less about 192GB. I did not give any label for the partition.

Connected the HDD through a USB hub (Imation USB Hub)  to PS3 and PS3 recognised the device as ‘WD My Passport 0730 USB Device’.  Makesure to use the USB cable alongwith the HDD to connect to USB Hub.

Connected to the PC again and using Partition Magic created another partition for the unallocated space in NTFS format (Logical).

Now all ok.

Ok im having the same problem as everyone else and so far you are the only one to get a usb 3.0 1tb passport to work on a ps3.

I followed all the steps but one question. After you switch it to fat32, logical, why is it that you are creating a partition of 196gb? I am lost at this point. Please let me know what stupid mistake i am making because i cannot return this item and need it to work. Thanks

Use this program to format your HDD ,

should Work

I bought this item solely to transfer content quickly off my computer to be viewed on my Ps3. At first the drive wasn’t working in a USB 3.0 port on my computer. Took me about 15 minutes before I went to my motherboard manufacturers website and saw the USB 3.0 driver. Installed that and it worked perfectly. Transfer rates were a pleasant surprise. I knew it was going to be faster than 2.0 but I was shocked by how much. It typically transfers at around 87mb/s give or take, and can read a 4gb file in under a minute! The hard drive itself is small, quiet, and expensive looking, plus the USB 3.0 cable was included. WD did a great job with this product overall. It was exactly what I needed and for only $100.

Now then, for those of you who intend to use this on your Ps3, pay attention. 2 things are required to make this bad boy work. First you’ll need some third party formatter like swissknife to reformat the drive to FAT 32. Pay no attention to people who say you have to do a local format for a partition, not true. Just format the whole drive to FAT 32. This will not effect the transfer speeds in USB 3.0 either. Secondly you will need a powered USB hub! This is the key to making the hard drive work on the Ps3. You can buy them anywhere, they are about $15 and you’ll know the difference because it will say AC adapter included on the package contents. The Ps3 USB port can’t support the power that an external HDD requires thus purchasing one of these hubs will alleviate any complications. Plug the power into the wall, the USB end coming out of the hub into the Ps3 and plug your external HDD into your hub. Done, you can know use your external HDD on the Ps3.

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