Help needed for a newbie... WD Live Hub not recognized by my PC

Hi all,

I have been using WD Live hub for the past 2 months by connecting it to my TV via HDMI and feeding it with other external disks or USB keys.

I’ve created a real mess and I thought it was time to hook up my WC Live hub to my PC so as to organize things a little.

This is when things got tough for me…

I tried connecting the WD hub via Ethernet, HDMI or USB to my PC  and none of these worked.

At no point in time did my PC agree to acknowldege that something was plugged into it…

I downloaded WD Link and it could not ‘detect’ the hub either.

I tried to take down the firewall connecting only the PC to the hub via Ethernet and cutting the connection to my Cable internet connection… I’m all out of ideas!

I’m a bit of a newbie and I realize I must be doing something terribly wrong but I’m not seeing what.

Just as a note: yes, I did make sure the WD hub was connected to a power outlet and turned on :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help :slight_smile:


Plug the WD into the same router your PC is plugged into.

Plugging a PC and the WD together directly requires substantial configuration on both the PC and the Hub.


Had the same problem…I unplugged the power from the router and waited about 30 seconds and then powered the router back up then I ran the WD discovery utility and that seemed to have work for me…