Help need to connect My Book Duo to WD Live Hub

Hi, I am trying to connect My Book Duo 4 TB (it is NTFS preformated and on Raid 0, no security is setup)  WD live Hub USB but it is not getting recongnized. If any one of you connected My Book Duo to Wd Live Hub, please send me the setup instructions. Thanks in advance.

Hi sudheer, only hard drives up to 3TB are supported on the Live Hub, so you might run into some problems with larger drives. I personally haven’t tried the My Book Duo 4 TB on the Live Hub, but maybe some of the other users can share some advice. 

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Just bought a My Book 3T and the player can’t find the harddrive.

When I format my 3T (NTFS), there are no problems.

But from the moment I put 1 movie on it (by laptop or internal HD from Live HUB) it doesn’t show anymore.

Same issue with 1T WD Elements.

Want to build out my WD Live HUB but only the 500gb HD’s are working.

(cleared media library etc )

Anyone can help please ?


                      Are you trying to connect Via usb cord?I have been running a HUB and a MBLIVE Duo for years together w/o issue.Try connecting Duo to router then using a ethernet cable connect the Hub to the router and it should recognize the NAS. Set up your network shares on the Hub.(point the hub at the shares on Duo you wish to include in HUB library).

After that you should be able to disonnect ethernet cable and “see” the shares from the Duo on your HUB.I run wirelessly through my network and have no problems streaming 10gb 3D movies from NAS to HUB.Good Luck.Hopefully this will work for you w/o having to ajust your routers settings.