Help! Need help in system reserved

Hi All, i recently brought an Western DIGITAL 3TB BLUE SATA3 harddisk and i have accidentally extended the system reserved to 2TB.

Is there anyway i can revert the system reserved back to 100mb?



Can you explain a bit more about your issue?

Yes sure. Basically, I got abit confused with the system reserved. Just realized, each time you install a new Windows, the system reserve will be created.

Right now I am trying to install Windows 10 on my 3tb harddisk and it seems that there is always 750gb of unallocated space that I can’t create a new partition on it.

Right now, I have already set my motherboard to efi and convert my harddisk to gpt format.

Do I need my bootable thumb drive to be efi as well in order to be able to use the whole of 3tb?