Help My Wd Tv live Cant connect to Wrt54g Router network

I hope someone can help me, Im trying to connect my wd tv live streaming media player to my Network via wireless wifi connection but when I enter the info it gives me a dns error consistantly. Now When I connect it wired to my network it works fine. I have even tried the dns number for wifi and when I check connection it shows no dns or internet connection and services dont work. Can someone please help. My router is Linksys wrt54g router on my windows xp network and Im out of idea’s. PLEASE HELP!

*update* Do I need to get a compatible usb adapter to plug into the wifi ready wd tv live smp and then connect it to my wrt54g linksys router to get online without cable. I connect it to my router with wired when its upstairs and when i move it downstairs i need the wifi connected which is doesnt do. BTW i have very good signal downstairs Running out of time if i need to return it.

The Live SMP has a built in adapter

Any reason why you are entering the DNS and other info?

What happens if you let the device auto find the info?

well i would try automatic setup and it wouldnt connect even tho it saw the network and asked for my login info it would either return a dns error or ip error or just wouldnt connect to the network. I returned the original device got a second one after speaking to a level 1 tech and then spoke to a level 2 tech for second device who told me automatic should work immediately and after some playing around we got it to work but ill know tonight if its totally fixed or not when I move it downstairs to the other tv in other room and disconnect the power…fingers crossed