Help My WD Passport Just Exploded

My WD Passport just exploded while I was on the Interstate and took out a bus full of nuns and

nice squirrels, not the angry kind but the nice kind that well share their acorns for a dollar.

All I did was a trick I saw on MacGuyver last night.  I soaked the usb cord in gasoline and jammed acetylene in the usb port on my laptop.  I lit the usb cord on fire and as I plugged it in there was an explosion and now I just feel terrible. Those nice squirrels don’t have any more nuns to play with.  This is all WD’s fault.  Why in the world they don’t make all their

products %100 backwards compatible with 20 year old Richard Dean Anderson techniques is beyond me.

I’m confused and lonely now that I can’t watch my MacGuyver off of my HD anymore.

What ever shall I do?

I had the same thing happen with a taco and a frenchfry back in the 90’s. **bleep** near blew all the hair off my upper body.  I was bald as a badger for weeks after.  Somethings just aren’t compatible but you never know until you try.  That’s part of life my friend.  Though it may be uncomfortable sometimes we gotta take risks.  I’ll never reget that day because that’s the day I first met my wife in the restroom of a local gas station.  Wish I could help you with your harddrive problem but I’m not really all that smart when it comes to this type of stuff.