Help! my wd passport is slow transfering data!

can any1 help me…my wd passport is slow at transfering data from my pc…i dont know whats the problem…im newbie with this stuffs…can someone help me?

Well for a start what OS are you using? How big are the files? How slow is the transfer speed? Is this a manual transfer or are you using backup/sync software?


I’m having the same problem … it was working last month just fine… recently when trying to access the HD it’s really slowing… when tried to copy a file it used to be transferred at 13mb/s … now it’s like 13kb/s … I’ve tried to format the HD but still the same results… I have the Passport 500GB external HD… using Windows 7…

I hope it’s not the hardware problem…

any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks!

i am using Windows 7 and my passport essential SE , having same problem , it is taking to ages to copy files from my passport to my hard disk , even opening the file size of 10KB takes 10 minutes , i tried scan  using diagnositcis but test  failed

I am facing the same trouble low transfer. Already registered My Passport 1TB sata 3. But may be this is the best what can provide WD - speed of 9.8kB for Your money. I asked for help on the WEB and still I am waiting.BTW I am also under Windows 7 HP  with AMD dual core 1.94GHz and 8G RAM Corsair/1333MHz. The matter is in case I am using another external drive to transfer the same movies I am getting speed of about 28MB to 37MB. Just to clarify not to be extra questions - I have read and followed the User manual a used all the recommended settings step by step, My Passport is NTFS formatted but this is the best speed I can get…

Will appreciate any comments or help/assistance, if any ;).