Help! My WD app on iPhone keeps crashing when auto backing up my photo album

Not sure if anyone can help with this one. I have around 45,000 photos in my iOS photo album with an iPhone XS Max 256gb. I also have the 4tb Home Duo (8tb total). Around 3 or 4 weeks ago the duo went faulty and WD replaced it, no problem. Up to that point, everything worked well as far as backup went. However, since getting the new drive, auto backup gets so far on the phone, and then starts crashing. It gets to around 19,655 remaining - then, every time you start it up, it just crashes and the app closes down. If you restart it (the app), and quickly turn off auto backup then it works fine, As soon as you turn auto backup back on it crashes again. So! I deleted the app, and the backup folder on the duo and re-installed and restarted the backup (bear in mind these take around 2 to 3 days to get this far). And…lo and behold, it gets to 19,655 (ish) and the app starts crashing again,. There is around 1.5tb available on the duo so it’s got space.

So, having tried uninstalling the app, deleting the backup folder, reinstalling the app, and getting the exact same issue at around the same point I’ve come to the conclusion that there may be one photo or file in my iPhone photo library that is corrupt or faulty. Is there any way I can find out which file is causing the problem? Or, are there any log files for the iPhone app crashes either on the duo or the iPhone?

The other issue I wondered about is file types. My library has some CR2 and PSD files in it - could these be the problem?



@fatcarrot Please open a support case with the WD Support team with all the details including iOS version the CR2 and PSD files in your Photo Library. I do not believe these types of files are supported, but the app should not crash. Please include the My Cloud Home debug logs as well.