HELP! My portable drive fell off of my bed

Hello everyone my portable drive was on my bed and somehow it fell off & when I tried to plug it back in the only thing that it does is turn on the light… What should I do plz help… Thank you guy’s.

Put your ear to it, and connect it to USB. Now, do you hear slight buzzing pulsing sounds coming from the drive?

If so your heads are stuck to platters. I would not recommend messing with it since the further damage may come with cost of permanent data loss.

If no buzzing or any other sounds come from the drive at all, then it could be damaged USB connector from when it fell.

Let me know, I would be happy to help if you can provide more info.

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once i plug it in it sounds likes its gonna work but then it stops… im just gonna go to a data recovery place to see if they can take out all my files…

Probably would be the best

Hi My drive fell off and now making a pulsating noise with an error drive not inittialised.

Can you please advise off a way to fix it.


if your drive fell and makes any kind of noises that are unsual, best thing you can do is to not power it on anymore. You will only make matters worse. There is nothing to recommend at this point other than to seek professional help.  Data recovery attemps with these symptoms without expertise, tools, and proper imaging equipment will result in failure.