HELP! My Passport won't show in explorer after failed Acronis True Image WD clone

Good day, I tried to clone a 2TB My Passport drive with a brand new one, and the clone failed because of “Failed to Read from Sector -387 938 129 of Hard Disk 2.” It’s a brand new drive and I’d like to run chkdsk before I return it, but now it won’t show up anymore in win explorer and I can’t prepare the disk for data in Acronis because of the same problem. The drive shows “This device is working properly” in device manager. I can’t figure out what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your time! -Christian

Hello Christian,

How is the drive showing in disk management?

Check the link below for more information on how to check the disk management.

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives

Thank you for responding! The drive isn’t showing at all in disk management, but it is showing in “Disk Drives” in “Device Manager” and also in the “safely remove hardware” button in the task tray.