[Help] My Passport Ultra 1 TB could not recognised by my PC

Hi Everyone, My Passport Ultra 1 TB was dropped accidentally and since then I was not able to open the content on it from my computer. What should I do from here? Please help. Thank you.



You could test it on a different PC, just to be 100% certain it is not a problem on your PC. After that, if the data on there was important, I guess the only chance you have is to contact some professional data recovery company. If you don’t mind risking the data you could always try to open it up. If you are lucky only something got stuck inside. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Y7BniaRXg

Thanks for the advice. I will seeking a professional data recovery company in the local area to fix my passport.

Wise decision … i wouldn’t recommend what artifact4727 said about “opening it up”

If you do get your data recovered … make sure you have a backup next time because it a lot cheaper buying another hard drive as backup then it is to get a professional data recovery company to recover your data … because they will charge you like a wounded bull for the service.

Absolutely 100% agree. Thanks Joey.