Help! My Passport Essential cannot detected

Hi! I’m using External Drives WD My Essential 1TB USB 3.0 WDBACX0010BRD-01. It was working perfectly until this morning my PC and Notebook (using windows XP SP2) cannot detect it. When I plug the device, the USB tray icon appear but without drive letter of my device. I can eject the device but cannot open it since it doesn’t appear on windows explorer. When I check In computer management > Disk Drive, normally show the device name, but this time it just shows “Disk Drive” text. Also when I connect my external drive, the light is on, but doesn’t vibrating at all…

Any suggestion to resolve this problem??

Thank you.

Try another cable, shorter than 18 inches.  if the issue persists the data might be corrupted, if you need to recover it you may try a data recovery software, like recuva, then reformat the drive.

I tried another cable and still no change. Recuva can’t detect my drive too.