Help - My passpor can't be accessed - always require format

hi there,

need help please. suddenly when I want to access my passpor, the system ask to format it. here the sympton:

  1. white led always blinking

  2. the drive shown on explorer, but no space info

  3. I check on computer managemene|disk management, my passpor isn’t there

  4. on the device manager, it show: wd my passpor 0748 usb device.

here is the condition:

  1. I connect on the USB 3.0 port under windows 7

  2. I’ve tried 3 usb cables, and I pretty sure the cables is ok (since I can connect other external device using those cable).

  3. I need the data inside the hard drive. it’s my whole backup.

  4. I bought my passpor under 1 year. the drive never dropped physically.

How to recovery it? or at least I can access inside the file.

thanks in advance

The symptoms you described show the drive has the partition table corrupted.

Try a data recovery software and replace the unit with the warranty.