Help! My mapped network fails and wont reconnect till I restart

I have my ex2 mapped to my laptop through the start menu. I use it to run Plex media server off my laptop and stream media to my PS4. I wont get more than an hour of streaming plex before the mapped network fails, and the only way I can figure out to restore the mapped drive is to restart my pc, restart plex, and continue watching from where it failed. This is extremely frustrating. My laptop is connected through a LAN cable, and so is my PS4. I have 8 TB on my EX2, 4TB of which is used solely on media files for streaming. I also have the issue of when downloading files via Utorrent, and selecting a folder on my EX2 mapped drive, the utorrent download also often fails as the mapped drive failed and is no longer there for Utorrent to access.

I would GREATLY appreciate any help anyone can give me to help solve these 2 issues. I cannot stand the fact that I cant use my WD EX2 for the sole purpose I bought it for (which was mass media storage for streaming via plex). Thank you for any help you can offer!

Hi, do you have a static IP address on the EX 2? How did you mapped the drive on the computer?

I just went throough start menu, file explorer, and mapped it that way… I didnt use the IP address of the mycloud ex2. It does have its own though I think